How To Get Your Lawn Ready For Mowing Season

Spring is in the air, water is falling from the sky, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming and grass is growing… again. Ramping up for the mowing season is something most of us don’t think about until the lawn desperately needs its first cut.  But there are some real benefits to getting ready in advance, which can help alleviate some stress.

1. Unpack and test your equipment before you need it. Getting things out and ready really takes the edge off the first mow, and making sure everything works is very important. Old mowers and trimmers are notorious for being very difficult to start after a long winter. Sometimes they need maintenance, new parts, fresh gas, or cleaned out.  Don’t wait until the grass is a foot high to see if your mower will start.  Take some time in advance to get everything running and in order.  It will make all future mows easier.

2. Clear the yard before the grass starts to grow. All kinds of things can end up in your yard from tree branches to stones to sleds and even garbage. Most people wait until the first mow to clear these out but by then the grass can be high and things can be obscured. Your mower will thank you if you take a little time before the grass starts to grow to walk the lawn and clear any debris.

3. Feed the lawn and prevent weeds. An initial spring feeding can help jump start your grass and enable you to build a greener and lusher lawn. But early fertilization does more than that, it can also help with weed control. The best way to prevent weeks is to have a strong long with strong roots that will not allow weeds to easily take hold.  Giving your grass a jumpstart can help it thicken up before weeds can sprout and get situated.

4. Get on the schedule for a lawn care company. Don’t wait until you are overwhelmed with grass, life, or failing equipment to call a lawn care provider. When your grass is heavily growing that means everyone else’s is too and lawn care companies are in their busiest time of the year. Make a call and get on the schedule early before the rush. This can guarantee you a spot and better pricing at times as well.

Almost every one of us has been the person who forgot about mowing until the lawn was in need. Save yourself that stress and take these steps in advance. You’ll be happy you did.