12 Tips For Hiring A Lawn Care Company

Are you thinking about hiring a new lawn care company? This quick checklist will help you get the service, quality, and protection that you need.

  1. Insurance Matters – Do not entertain companies that do not have professional grade insurance. Say a mower slides off a trailer too fast and rolls into your car or garage door, you need to be sure your lawn care company is covered and will get things fixed on THEIR insurance.
  1. Response Time – If you call, email, or text a lawn service company to learn more or get a quote, make sure they respect you enough to get back to you. If a company cannot get back to you with 3 business days, call another one. Top service oriented companies will return your call or email within 24 business hours.
  1. Communication – Once you have made contact be sure the company follows up with you about questions, scheduling, and a quote promptly. Sometimes people are mowing and cannot return calls instantly, but they should respond to every inquiry regularly and within a reasonable amount of time. It’s hard to feel good about a company that only calls you back half the time, and after weeks of waiting.
  1. Appearances – Appearances do matter. People who respect themselves will respect you. Their dress, appearance, truck, and equipment should look respectable. You could entrust your lawn to a rag-tag team of ruffians who avoid talking to you, but you will have more peace of mind and greater trust with a company that is professional in how they work and how they present themselves. Chances are they will do better work and be more attentive to your needs as well.
  1. The Right Cut Schedule – People often think they are saving money by having their grass cut every two weeks, but bi-weekly mows cost more per mow because the grass is higher and takes more time to manage. But even worse than that, it is unhealthy to cut more than about a third of your grass’s height in any one day. This shocks the lawn, makes it more prone to a weak root system which opens doors to weeds, bugs, and disease. Cutting too sporadically could end up costing much more as you try to rehabilitate your lawn with fertilization and weed control treatments.
  1. Bagging or Mulching – There are times when it makes sense to bag grass, like in a pet play area, but mulching is healthier for the lawn. Be careful with companies who insist on bagging everything, later they may try to sell you fertilization services to replace the nutrients that should have made it back into your lawn by mulching the grass.
  1. Receipts – If you have a credit card on file for your service, it is important that your lawn care company is fully transparent with you about what you pay and when. Make sure your service provider can provide you automated email receipts every time your card is charged.
  1. Contracts – Sometimes it is in your best interest to have a contract for service over a defined period of time, but usually it’s not, especially for residential lawn mowing. Make sure your service provider is willing to serve you without a long term commitment, if that is your preference. Or at the very least, negotiate a trial period before you are on the hook for one or more years.
  1. Pricing Methods – Giving you a quote for service should in some way depend on how much time, gas, equipment, driving, man-power, and difficulty is required to cut your lawn. If someone just makes up a price without considering any of those factors, be cautious, it’s likely are not likely taking things seriously and the quality of work may suffer.
  1. Quality – How does your lawn look after a mow? Not all service providers are created equal. Make sure you don’t make a decision purely on price, get the quality you want.  Sometimes the difference between the cheapest service provider and the highest quality company is as little as $5. If you are paying for lousy service, a few more dollars for great service can be well worth it.
  1. Guarantees – Perhaps your lawn care is perfect nine times out of ten, but the tenth time something is really messed up. Will your lawn care service provider take responsibility and make it right? Make sure the company you chose is willing to guarantee their work.
  1. The Details – Do you hate coming home to finding grass on your sidewalk, blown up against your garage door, or clumped where your children or pets play? A quality service lawn company should take note to handle the detail work of your lawn carefully and consistently.

If you are in our service area and are looking for a lawn care company, we would be happy to talk with you about a free estimate, contact us today.